Welcome to the website of pianist, recording artist, and composer, Lincoln Mayorga

The eminent pianist and teacher, Karl Ulrich Schnabel, claimed few pianists could play classical and non-classical styles equally well, with one exception: the wonderfully named ‘Lincoln Mayorga.’

Connect with Lincoln's newsletters from 2009-present in which he writes and reflects on his various projects for Sheffield Lab (Harry James project, Erich Leinsdorf & the LA Philharmonic, “The Art of Fuguing”), his documentary about pianist, Sofia Cosma, the Gershwin & Mancini projects with Steven Richman, and meeting up with Leon Russell. 


Sheffield Lab Records

TownHall Records

Documentary: A Suitcase Full of Chocolate   

Monday Musical Matinee,” on WGXC 90.7FM (or stream online) Noon -2PM every Monday. Lincoln Mayorga, hosts.                     


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