Recent collaboration between Lincoln and HDtracks brings Sheffield Lab to the public as high definition downloads. 

HDtracks interviewed Lincoln Mayorga in their NYC studio in August and asked him to recount some early Sheffield Lab history.  


HDtracks Master Musicians: Lincoln Mayorga (part 1)

“Lincoln Mayorga and Distinguished Colleagues," recorded direct-to-disc for the Sheffield Lab label in 1968, was inducted into the Library of Congress’ National Recording Registry this summer

Connect with Lincoln's newsletters from 2009-present in which he writes and reflects on his various projects for Sheffield Lab (Harry James project, Erich Leinsdorf & the LA Philharmonic, “The Art of Fuguing”), his documentary about pianist, Sofia Cosma, the Gershwin & Mancini projects with Steven Richman, and meeting up with Leon Russell. 


Sheffield Lab Records

TownHall Records

Documentary: A Suitcase Full of Chocolate   

Monday Musical Matinee, on WGXC 90.7FM (or stream online) Noon -2PM every Monday. Lincoln co-hosts with Sheri Bauer-Mayorga                      

In addition to a wide range of classical recital repertoire, Lincoln Mayorga offers the following unique solo piano programs:

“Classical Roots of American Popular Music” 
Drawing from the keyboard repertoire of the eighteenth century to the present, and the full spectrum of American popular music, Mayorga presents a program both informative and entertaining, illustrating the connections between classical and popular music. 

“The Hollywood Connection” 
Great songs and dramatic music from seventy years of the movies, featuring music of most of the great film composers, including many who worked with Lincoln during his long career in Hollywood. 

The following unique collaborations also available:

“Chopin and Candlelight” 
A musical and dramatic presentation, with pianist Mayorga as Chopin, and actress Nancy Rothman as George Sand. This all-Chopin program is centered around Chopin's Twenty-six Preludes and illuminated by the correspondence and diaries of the composer and his lover, George Sand, during their stay on the island of Majorca.

"Down The Rabbit Hole and Into The Wilds of American Music" 
Learn about a few of America's  rhymers, dreamers, experimenters, and musical innovators in an adventurous program of songs, piano solos, and commentary  for children of all ages with Lincoln Mayorga & Sheri Bauer-Mayorga.

Lincoln Mayorga has many standard piano concerti available for performances with orchestra. In addition, there are the following special programs in which he appears as soloist with orchestra:

“The Serious Gershwin” 
All of Gershwin's music for piano and orchestra (Rhapsody in Blue, Concerto in F, Second Rhapsody, "I Got Rhythm" Variations). See 
record reviews of these offerings. 

”Angels' Flight and Ragtime Fantasy” 
Angels' Flight is composer Mayorga's concerto tribute to the cinematic musical idiom and the city of Los Angeles. Ragtime Fantasy is a charming, nostalgic, American romp through the early twentieth century by composer-pianist Dick Hyman. The two pieces complement each other, or can be played independently. 

“The Hollywood Connection with Orchestra” 
The program of film music described above with full orchestra. A pops concert extravaganza. 

"Radio Nights"
A nostalgic pops evening featuring Mayorga as conductor and solo pianist. 

Custom programs are also available upon request.  
contact us for more details.

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